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A day in the life of an account manager

We sat down with the wonderful Sophie Clavane, who works on our team at Simply Sales Jobs! Sophia has took time out of her very busy day to share an insight with us on being an account manager:   Looking for account manager roles? Click here to find a job...

CV mistakes you could be making

Writing a CV can be a stressful process, especially if the deadline is close. It’s better to write a general CV once you’re ready to start applying for jobs, and then keep it updated. That way, you’ll always have a template for a general role, but you will...

How you know when it’s time to quit your job

We all have those days when you really don’t feel like going to work, but when do you know it’s time to move on and find a new job? It turns out that frequently changing jobs is becoming the norm. Millennials have very different expectations from their...

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