Salespeople are prone to the odd mistake, they’re only human after all. Take a look at the Simply Sales Jobs’ top 10 mistakes that salespeople make on a regular basis. Cut these out of your system and we can guarantee you’ll be on your way to a successful career.


TALK TALK TALK – Too many sales professionals forget that listening is key. On average, for every hour a salesperson speaks to a client, the client will only speak for 5 minutes, astonishing. What does this lead to? No engagement and the client usually ending the phone call with that dreaded line ‘we’ll speak to other firms and have a think about it’.


SELLING SOLUTIONS WITHOUT KNOWING THE PROBLEM – A salesperson needs to fully understand what the client wants before throwing solutions at them. Far too many professionals do this and it usually results in one thing, longer phone calls and less deals.


ANSWERING UNASKED QUESTIONS – When a client tells you your prices are too high, don’t automatically go on the defensive and give the usual spiel of how you offer ‘quality & experience’. Clients don’t want to hear this, ask them about what competitors are offering and why your prices differ.


FAILING TO GET CLIENT TO REVEAL BUDGET – How can you sell to someone without knowing what they’ve got to spend? You could be wasting your time. Getting a budget up front is key.


TOO MANY FOLLOW UP CALLS – Don’t waste your time by making too many follow up calls, spend time elsewhere on new clients. There is usually a lack of engagement with a client becoming more and more reluctant to want to speak.


PROPOSAL BEFORE CLIENT COMMITMENT – Too many salespeople deliver their proposal before the client commits to the purchase.


TOO MUCH IRRELEVANT CHATTER – Building up rapport is obviously an important part of sales but mindless chatter doesn’t close a deal.


SALES PROFESSIONALS PREFER ‘MAYBE’ OVER ‘NO’ – For some sales professionals, they’d rather hear a ‘maybe’ over a ‘no’ due to that feeling of failure or personal rejection. Instead of saying that this client is not a candidate for your firms service you put them on a list of ‘maybes’ where you’re more than likely going to waste your time with them again in the future.


WORK WITHOUT A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH – Professionals will often find themselves selling a product or service without being in control of the selling process. You need to have a systematic approach in order to cut down the time you’re on the phone to a client and to streamline the process.


ARE YOU AN EXPERT OR A BEGGER? – Salespeople will often speak to clients ‘hoping, wishing and maybe even begging’ for that opportunity to get the sale in. Prospective clients very rarely make it to the qualified level of being a definite client. Be confident and show that you know exactly what you’re talking about and how your product can improve a clients business. After all, you’re the doctor performing the examination and not the physician giving the examination.

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