LinkedIn is fantastic resource for any salesperson – whatever your industry. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking social media is a mysterious tool your Marketing team goes on about – LinkedIn is practically made for the sales industry. We’ve come up with a few tips on how to make the most of the platform, and to prove why LinkedIn should definitely be part of your sales process…

Find The Decision-Maker

We’ve all been there – getting transferred from person to person but still never finding who you really need to speak to. Or, even worse, you deliver a kick-ass sales pitch that they could never say no to…only to find that it’s not the decision maker on the other end of the line. LinkedIn makes decision makers far less elusive – you can search all employees at a single company, and pinpoint exactly who the office manager is, for example. Dependent on their profile settings, you may even be able to read their summary, which should give you an even better insight into the person’s responsibilities – and there know for sure if they are the person you need to speak to.

Top Tip – join some relevant Groups to your industry – you can see more profile details of people you have groups in common with. Check out our very own LinkedIn group here!

Get To Know Their Business

As well as personal profiles, most businesses also have a company profile too. So, you can get to know them before you make contact – how many employees they have, where their offices are located, how long they’ve been in business, the list goes on! It’s a great way to get those little nuggets of conversation that show you took the time to find out about them, and break the ice. For example, a comment like “I see you’re recruiting – business must be going well?” instantly shows you care, while hinting that if their business is growing, they may have a few extra pounds to spend on your product or service…

Top Tip – click the follow button on company profiles to receive updates from them in your LinkedIn news feed, to make sure you’re always up to date.

 Warm Up Your Leads

There really is no reason now to contact a lead who is completely cold – you can subtly introduce yourself on LinkedIn first. By commenting on an update or group discussion that your prospect has posted, you are making yourself known to them way before you start pitching. It also gives you an ‘in’ for when you do make direct contact later on – you can carry on the discussion in person, putting your prospect at ease and therefore making them more likely to engage with your pitch.

Top Tip – make sure you enter discussions on topics you are interested in/ knowledgeable about – you want to look like an expert in the field!

Help Your Prospects Get To Know You

People are always more engaged and open to your sales pitch if they feel they know you a little. LinkedIn is not just your online CV – it’s really a way to present your professional brand. So, let your personality show in your posts and comments – humorous images or industry jokes are perfect for LinkedIn – just as much as insightful discussions are. Engaging content that makes your prospects smile is a great way to endear them to you, and help them get to know you before you contact them more directly.

Top Tip – the key here is balance – don’t only post memes, but don’t only post serious business comments either. This way you’re shown as knowledgeable, but with a sense of humour too.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments!