It’s been a month since we relaunched Simply Sales Jobs with a brand new, mobile-responsive design. So, it seems a good time to see how the changes have affected our job board – which should also give a little insight into what is important to the recruiters and jobseekers of 2015.

Mobile Applications

On our old platform, it was impossible to apply for a job using a mobile – something we knew we had to fix! Now we have, it’s clear to see this is a popular function among jobseekers. In just one month, we have received 2,007 applications from mobile devices, which equates to almost 20% of all our applications in that month. Applying for a job is quick and simple from our new platform, with the process taking just one click – or indeed, tap.

On-site Conversions

Our new look site was not designed only to look great on mobile, but also to make finding and applying to jobs much easier. One month on, we can see that we have been successful in this area too. Our conversion rate (number of applications divided by number of visits) is up by 12% year-on-year, which shows that far fewer jobseekers are leaving our site without applying for a job. It’s great to see that our changes have helped jobseekers to find and apply for jobs more easily.

Effects on Emails

A final element of our job board that has been dramatically enhanced by the new design is emails. There are plenty of studies showing the dominance of mobile use when it comes to reading emails, and our candidates are clearly no exception. Roughly 50% of our emails are opened on mobile devices. We have been sending mobile-friendly emails for quite some time now, but as they directed readers to a mobile-unfriendly site, they were not as effective as they could have been. We’re pleased to say our emails are now reaching their full potential, with an 81% conversion rate ¬†increase¬†year-on-year. Further proof, if it were needed, that mobile recruitment is here to stay.