What Does Google Think Of Sales?

Google’s auto-complete function can be a very helpful tool. It can also offer some fairly hilarious endings to sentences or questions! So, we thought we’d run a little experiment to see what Google thinks of the sales industry. Here’s what we found out…

Let’s start with a few ideas about sales itself..

sales jobs






Pretty mixed feelings here from Google!

sales jobs






I’m not sure how sales is like golf…though I am no golf expert.

And now sales sectors, starting with business development

sales jobs






The only issue here seems to be if it’s sales or not…

How about telesales?

sales jobs






Not exactly a glowing report!

Finally, what about the people working in sales?

sales jobs






We’d like to state at this point that these are Google’s ideas – not ours!

car sales jobs






Please refer to our previous comment…

sales jobs






If you’re a salesman’s wife, feel free to let us know if the last one is true!

So, all in all, Google seems fairly harsh on the sales industry! If you, like us, think that sales is actually a pretty great industry to be in, and you’re looking for your next sales job, that’s where we can help.

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