How to negotiate a higher salary… and is it right to do so

Salary negotiation is something a lot of people shy away from, are not experts or feel uncomfortable doing. This is a quick guide to help those unsure on the do’s and don’ts.

Salary Negotiation is a skill. Employers will usually be much more efficient with it than the possible employee. Before entering into any dialog do some company research and find out how much similar job positions pay, this will be location specific.

Work out your salary bracket before engaging as you need to have a clear idea of what you will accept, and what you want. Take your current job package as a whole; if you have possible commission include this and try not to lie about what you are currently earning, but if you do lie, make it realistic, don’t give yourself an astronaut’s wage, do yourself justice.

Can you negotiate at the Interview stage:

It is perfectly ok to discuss what your potential employers had in mind for a salary range when they advertised the position. This is something they should have decided on previous to the advertisement. If the salary is dependant on experience then make sure you go prepared to show off your your experience but also your skill set is just as important. Dont demand a salary mid interview, this could put off employers, wait until you have been given a clear indication they want you for the job.

Job offers

As a candidate it should be your aim to get as many job offers as possible to weigh up and decide what fits best for you. If you have an offer from your dream job at a slightly lower wage would you take it? Make sure to think about the package and not just the salary:

Job satisfaction
Pension benefits
Commission and bonuses
Flexible working hours?
Company car

When going back to the negotiation table be mindful of what you are asking for, you could mention you have an offer of a higher salary elsewhere but are really enthusiastic about this position and can they match it? Alternatively simply explain that your skill set and expertise is worth more. keep your wage increase to roughly between 10-30% higher of what you would take. This way if you get an offer of a 10% increase not only do you get a higher income, but the employer thinks they have got a great deal and negotiated you down.

Accept or Decline

At some point, you’re going to either have to accept or decline. Show respect either way, be mindful not to close any doors. Show either positive enthusiasm and that you’re grateful for the offer if the salary is not suitable for you, remove yourself with dignity, You don’t want to close off an opportunity for them to come back with a higher offer. finally once you have accepted it is time to deliver, so make sure you can work to the standard set in the the negotiation period.

Good Luck