It’s very simple for anyone to use a template to create their CV these days. Unfortunately, not adding a unique twist means it could also be overlooked by a potential employer. You should take every opportunity available to you to stand out when applying for a job – templates will get you so far, but then you do have to take time out of your busy schedule to be creative.

Below, we have recommended 5 tips on what recruiters love to see, to help jobseekers secure an interview.


Write a cover letter or email 

Let them know why you want to join the company and what you bring to the table. But don’t gush on forever—choose your words carefully. Then invite them to review your resume or past work to learn more.



Check your spelling, grammar, and fonts

This seems like a logical step, right? Yet it’s missed by many applicants. With spell check and a good proofread, there’s no excuse for misspelled words or overwhelming emails with too many fonts or spaces. Read up on how to write for the web— the same rules apply to hiring.



Tailor your resume to the job

 If the application calls for experience in project management, highlight it on your resume. Even if that wasn’t the title of your last job, list an accomplishment in that area and make it clear to the hiring committee or manager that you have the experience they want. If they have to hunt for it or you expect them to connect the dots, you risk ending up in the “no” pile.



Match LinkedIn to your resume

If the dates of a job on your resume are January 2015 to December 2017, those should be the dates listed on your LinkedIn profile. If there are discrepancies, that raises a red flag. Plus, do yourself a favour and update your LinkedIn profile too – make sure it contributes to your search rather than detracts from it.



Do your homework

Research the company online, check out their social media, and ask friends who worked there or worked with them as a vendor or client. Applicants with little to no knowledge of what the company does or how they do business may be quickly shown to the door.



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