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On the 24th November, Manchester City’s football grounds will be the host of the biggest business networking event in Manchester – the North West Expo.

The event will provide a fantastic opportunity to all of those looking to expand their business and personal knowledge within their industry. From 9.30am – 3pm, delegates will have the chance to attend insightful workshops, participate in large speed networking groups and visit over 100 exhibitors.

Tickets are free and you can register here.

To find out more about the day, download the full press release.

We hope to see you there!

Sales Innovation expo is back, and its bigger than ever!

Sales Innovation Expo is back, bigger and better than ever! The show will be taking place at ExCeL, London this year on 11th and 12th May. There are a limited amount of tickets available so make sure you secure yours today!

Here’s 10 reasons why you should be getting yourself a ticket…

1. It’s FREE to attend

2. It’s the largest and most important sales event in the world

3. The best-known names have been flown in to run seminars

4. Europe’s leading suppliers will be there to offer advice

5. There’s an opportunity to network with 3,000 other sales leaders

6. Gain valuable insights into the latest trends and tools

7. Over 60 businesses are exhibiting

8. Interactive masterclasses from industry leading businesses

9. Learn strategies adopted by top worldwide sales leaders

10. Finally, access to the co-located B2B Marketing Expo!

Check out Sales Innovation Expo 2015:

Remember, you need to get your ticket now! To do this, register here.

Welcome To Your New Company Dashboard

At Simply Sales Jobs, we strive to not only provide our clients with the most advanced platform to find their new candidates, but keep it simple and easy-to-use too.

Which is why we are delighted to present your brand new company dashboard!


You can even see your lovely customer service representative Stephanie! look there she is smiling away happy to help.

We are always working to make your on-site experience as straightforward and effective as possible and we are confident that we have well and truly delivered. Here’s why we’re sure you will love it as much as we do!


Everything you need, under one roof – All the information you will need to remain in total control of your recruitment, including remaining CV downloads, job credits and your renewal date are now in one place.


Manage on the go – The new company dashboard is totally responsive, meaning you can manage your recruitment by mobile or tablet, wherever you are.

Clean, clear and concise – Simplistic, easy to navigate and boasting a fresh new look. Using your company dashboard is effortless.


Helpful tips to post your jobs – We have added some useful information that will make your job post stand out from the crowd and get the best response possible.


But that’s not all! We have more developments on the way, so stay tuned. In the meantime, why not take your new customer dashboard for a test drive or better still, get in touch with your customer service representative who will be more than happy to show you around.


To view your new look dashboard log in as normal and take a look around the simply sales dashboard.

View My Dashboard

10 of the Best, Put downs and quotes from Lord Sugar

“Don’t tell me you’re just like me. You’re not like me. I’m unique.”

He Is Back!

The apprentices may come and go, but the one person who’s guaranteed to make us laugh each time is Sir Alan. Whether you love or hate him, he sure knows his way around a witty one liner. Here’s 10 of the best one liners from the past 11 years of The Apprentice.


2 “Fair? The only fair you’re gonna get is your bloody train fare home.”

3 “If you nod your head any longer I’m going to put you on the back seat of my bloody car.”

4 “I don’t know whether you’re made of brains or b—–ks”

5 “You remind me of the final scene from the Wizard of Oz. You look very impressive but, in my opinion, behind the curtains there’s nothing there”


6 “It’s sink or swim, and you’ve most probably picked up by now that I don’t do life jackets

7“All I’ve heard from you so far is a lot of hot air, so in the interests of climate change you’re fired…”

8 “I hear your enthusiasm, you know? Great enthusiasm. A fly’s got enthusiasm but it doesn’t stop headbutting the window!”

9“As times have changed, you seem to have gone from anchor to w****r.”

10“There’s only room for one bigmouth in my organisation, and that’s me.”



The Apprentice 2015 starts again for the 11th season – 21:00 GMT BBC 1

Why This Humble Ice Cream Is Great News For Recruiters

99 job cropIce Cream in October? That’s what I thought when the chimes hit me and I became a giddy five year old rustling in my pockets for some loose change.

It got me thinking about the now mythical 99p Ice cream and why people remember it and still refer to it today.

For just £99 Simply Sales jobs are now offering you the chance to find your next sales team member. Remember that when a vacancy arises, you can use the leading sales jobs board for only £99. All that is missing is chocolate flake, but to make up for that you can add a company logo for £1

To buy online click here – and you can bank the job credit until you need it :)

red baloons









99 Red Balloons, go on.. count them!

Warm wishes,


Simply Sales Jobs

7 Simple Actionable Rules To Increase Sales Today

7 Easy to follow rules that will help your sales pitch today.


Listen. It’s easy to dive into a sales pitch after hello but stop, think and wait. Listen to your customer and often you will find out what their needs are, instead of you telling them what they need. If they tell you what they want organically, it’s their idea and who doesn’t like their own ideas? Then you can tailor the pitch around those wants and desires. There is a phrase: If you’re talking, they’re not buying.mouth taped

Picture: Because He Wouldn’t Shut Up by Josh Jansson  licensed under CC 2.0

Ask probing questions. Is your prospect being frosty, closing up and not chatting? Ask a lead question that may not have relevance to your sales pitch, getting the prospect talking freely you can then follow up and try to open up the conversation to your pitch. This should lead to a more honest conversation.


Tell people what they get, not what you do. Put yourself into your client’s shoes, would you remember the whole history of any company calling you, more importantly would you care? Unless the company has an amazing back story about how it started from a one bed apartment turned office and is now a multi million pound business. Prospects want to understand the benefits they’ll receive; they don’t want to know who won the office egg and spoon race in 1956. Provide a clear benefit for the purchaser and focus on that as they certainly will.

davis leads

Appreciate your product or service. You can’t fake Genuine enthusiasm, and it is often contagious If you truly believe you’re offering the customer something worthwhile, let this come through in your sales pitch.


try not to oversell and under deliver. It’s tempting and can be easy to land a sale simply by telling customers everything they want to hear just to get the money in, you want the moon you say? were working on that. Returning, happy customers can be huge for regular revenue, testimonials and introducing new leads. By promising the world and delivering a donkey will always lead to disappointed customers. It’s far better to undersell and overdeliver.


Seal the deal. Eventually the aim is to get to the point of turning the pitch into a purchase, don’t hesitate at this point, if the customer sounds positive they will be experienced enough to know what happens next. They are expecting this moment and won’t hang up angrily.

seal deal

Be profitable. Making money is what it is all about, It’s not enough to make a sale, high five everyone in the office and go home, you also have to make money. Keep this in mind when negotiating on a price or offering discounts.

make it rain

How to negotiate a higher salary… and is it right to do so

Salary negotiation is something a lot of people shy away from, are not experts or feel uncomfortable doing. This is a quick guide to help those unsure on the do’s and don’ts.

Salary Negotiation is a skill. Employers will usually be much more efficient with it than the possible employee. Before entering into any dialog do some company research and find out how much similar job positions pay, this will be location specific.

Work out your salary bracket before engaging as you need to have a clear idea of what you will accept, and what you want. Take your current job package as a whole; if you have possible commission include this and try not to lie about what you are currently earning, but if you do lie, make it realistic, don’t give yourself an astronaut’s wage, do yourself justice.

Can you negotiate at the Interview stage:

It is perfectly ok to discuss what your potential employers had in mind for a salary range when they advertised the position. This is something they should have decided on previous to the advertisement. If the salary is dependant on experience then make sure you go prepared to show off your your experience but also your skill set is just as important. Dont demand a salary mid interview, this could put off employers, wait until you have been given a clear indication they want you for the job.

Job offers

As a candidate it should be your aim to get as many job offers as possible to weigh up and decide what fits best for you. If you have an offer from your dream job at a slightly lower wage would you take it? Make sure to think about the package and not just the salary:

Job satisfaction
Pension benefits
Commission and bonuses
Flexible working hours?
Company car

When going back to the negotiation table be mindful of what you are asking for, you could mention you have an offer of a higher salary elsewhere but are really enthusiastic about this position and can they match it? Alternatively simply explain that your skill set and expertise is worth more. keep your wage increase to roughly between 10-30% higher of what you would take. This way if you get an offer of a 10% increase not only do you get a higher income, but the employer thinks they have got a great deal and negotiated you down.

Accept or Decline

At some point, you’re going to either have to accept or decline. Show respect either way, be mindful not to close any doors. Show either positive enthusiasm and that you’re grateful for the offer if the salary is not suitable for you, remove yourself with dignity, You don’t want to close off an opportunity for them to come back with a higher offer. finally once you have accepted it is time to deliver, so make sure you can work to the standard set in the the negotiation period.

Good Luck

Don’t watch the clock; Mirror it and do what it does. Keep going.

Need Great staff?

Don’t sit and stare blankly at the clock hoping that qualified, motivated staff will fall into your lap, absail in through the window or appear in a cloud of smoke.



Wishing and hoping for the right staff is not advised in any business manual. Be like the clock and keep going, keep beating.. tick.. tock.


In recruitment there is a never ending loop of finding, hiring and leaving. Nobody expects staff to leave, but it can happen and often does at the worst opportunity.

What would you do today if your sales, IT, HR, Marketer or any member of the team decides to leave?  In any competitive environment can you afford to slow down or even miss an opportunity?

We may not have millions of jobs on our website like some of the generic job boards such as Reed, but what we do have is Niche. A smaller, targeted network of salespeople, who regularly check our site for sales only jobs, and as salespeople you can’t fault their logic. salesperson + sales only job board = possible employee.

With Simply Sales and its sister websites you can be proactive in searching and replacing specialist staff, quickly and affordably.

Purchase a jobs package of 3, 5 or 10 and use your job adverts whenever you need to, just know that they are there, like a safe, you hope its not needed but feel better knowing it is.


Want extra security for your sales team?

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Our new online store gives recruiters choice and time

Recruitment never sleeps, and time is their most precious asset: Our new online offering provides both convenience and control uncommon in a job board.

Simply Sales Jobs is the UK’s number 1 site for advertising sales positions, and now recruiters can target sales professionals with two clicks (or taps!). This is because Simply Sales Jobs now offer their discounted package deals online. It’s a level of autonomy and flexibility recruiters have come to expect in a world where you can buy anything from your own home, and until now, job boards have been slow to catch up.

This development cuts out the middleman, and means that whether you have one job or ten, (or want to source directly with CV search), you can curate your own package in five minutes. Hate form-filling? Register your account automatically by connecting your Linkedin profile. Recruiters don’t need to waste time in getting jobs seen by candidates: even if it’s 1am and you’re pulling another all nighter, you can post a job and watch applications come in, leaving you to get on with the important stuff. This is especially relevant to recruiters based outside the UK, who no longer need to keep unsociable hours to get the package they need, opening up a greater international scope.

Simply Sales Jobs’ Managing Director Ian Partington said: ‘This new solution makes recruiting effortless, and puts the recruiter in control from start to finish. It’s part of our commitment to provide users with a tailored, targeted service. As well as something I’m really excited about, it’s something I know busy clients will appreciate.’

See the results for yourself here.