Top skills sales professionals HAVE to master

Countless research has gone in to identifying the characteristics of a top performing salesperson. Many positions in different fields involve selling something, while some sales positions may require a particular educational background. Many of the required or ‘preferred’ skills can be picked up through on-the-job training or even volunteer work, but ultimately, success in a Read more

Why LinkedIn is more powerful for your sales role than you think

Social media has provided salespeople with the ability to super-charge online networking and sales prospecting. LinkedIn has over 450 million members worldwide. It’s the top social media choice for business networking and sales prospecting.   75% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a source for making buying decisions. 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as Read more

Sales Innovation expo is back, and its bigger than ever!

Sales Innovation Expo is back, bigger and better than ever! The show will be taking place at ExCeL, London this year on 11th and 12th May. There are a limited amount of tickets available so make sure you secure yours today! Here’s 10 reasons why you should be getting yourself a ticket… 1. It’s FREE to attend Read more

10 of the Best, Put downs and quotes from Lord Sugar

“Don’t tell me you’re just like me. You’re not like me. I’m unique.” He Is Back! The apprentices may come and go, but the one person who’s guaranteed to make us laugh each time is Sir Alan. Whether you love or hate him, he sure knows his way around a witty one liner. Here’s 10 Read more

7 Simple Actionable Rules To Increase Sales Today

7 Easy to follow rules that will help your sales pitch today.   •Listen. It’s easy to dive into a sales pitch after hello but stop, think and wait. Listen to your customer and often you will find out what their needs are, instead of you telling them what they need. If they tell you what Read more

4 Advanced Techniques That Eliminate Risks With ‘The Evolving Buyer’

Buyers are constantly evolving and changing their values and objectives. Here are 4 ways you can reduce the risks that they need to take. Read more

What Makes A Successful Salesperson?

What makes a successful salesperson? These four simple habits could help you be just that… Read more

An Alternative Objection Handling Strategy That’s Not For The Faint-Hearted!

Sales trainer Sean McPheat shares a great objection handling strategy to help you close those deals. Read more

How Not To Sell – As Seen On BBC’s The Apprentice

We’re only 2 episodes in to the latest series of The Apprentice and already there’s been some excellent examples of how not to sell a product. Here are some of our favourite lessons learned so far… Read more

How To Get Customers To ‘Buy Into’ Your Products Without Having To Sell Them

When selling your products and services, you know that buyers will not be really interested in the features. Saying something like, “Yes, this model goes from zero to sixty in less than nine seconds”, or “Our WX600 can pump out 60 copies per minute”, leaves the customer having to do all the hard work themselves Read more

Using LinkedIn In Your Sales Process

LinkedIn is fantastic resource for any salesperson – whatever your industry. We’ve come up with a few tips on how to make the most of the platform, and to prove why LinkedIn should definitely be part of your sales process… Read more

Stop People from Hanging up on you – Cold Calling

Cold calling is an early stage in the selling process and usually refers to the initial call to a potential customer. Cold calling could also refer to face-to-face interaction aka ‘door-to-door’ selling. Cold calling is an extremely important stage of the selling process, helping build up communications outside of sales activities and selling function. If Read more

Top 10 Mistakes Made By Salespeople

Salespeople are prone to the odd mistake, they’re only human after all. Take a look at the Simply Sales Jobs’ top 10 mistakes that salespeople make on a regular basis. Cut these out of your system and we can guarantee you’ll be on your way to a successful career. TALK TALK TALK – Too many Read more

Car sales to the super-rich

When your client has money to burn but very particular demands, car sales rely on finely-tuned skills and years of experience. Imagine your ideal client. Plenty in the bank, right? Maybe they’re a generous spender too. Very easy to persuade into up-selling deals and a pleasant person to deal with to top it off. If Read more

Turning The Gatekeeper From Foe To Friend

How often does your enthusiasm for a call slip away once you reach the dreaded “gatekeeper”? MD of MTD Sales Training Sean McPheat explains how you can turn that guardian into one of your best contacts. Many salespeople see the gatekeeper as someone who needs to be ‘overcome’ or ‘got passed’. They are viewed as an obstacle, a Read more

Sales techniques: Trasactional v Consultative Selling

Selling products is all well and good, but perhaps helping your clients with their business outcomes in your sales techniques could benefit both of you more. According to Anthony Iannarino of The Sales Blog, transactional selling isn’t just old hat, it’s counter-productive. Talking features is how every sales professional is taught to sell, but in Read more

10 reasons you’re the perfect salesperson

Struggling to add the right salesperson skills to your sales CV? Here are 10 of the best for you to choose from.   1. Your confidence Overlooked by the most confident salespeople because hey, it’s just the way you are. Let’s not underplay this quality though – there are plenty of people out there who Read more

Sales techniques: The Rule Of Threes

Sales techniques have changed and adapted over the years, but some are as effective as they ever were. The ways that good salespeople generate leads and close deals are constantly adapted to suit an ever-more sophisticated consumer base, but those techniques which saw the salesmen of the 50s do excellent business could really teach us Read more

3 ways to keep your customers loyal

Gaining a customer’s loyalty to your products and services is the Holy Grail in today’s business world. Gaining advocates for your company can prove advantageous for many reasons, including additional profits, easier additional sales and increased word-of-mouth advertising. Read more

Sales Advice: Preventing buyers’ resistance to sales people

What can sales professionals do to at least lower the resistance barriers to making a choice? We may not have caused that resistance ourselves, but we certainly have to face up to it every day. We have to do everything we can to minimise indifference and negative pre-disposition to our sales approach. What can we do to help prospects welcome us rather than resist us? Read more

Infographic: A Day in the Life of a Salesperson

MTD Sales Training has produced this excellent infographic which maps out the four key areas of a salesperson’s working day. We think it could be put to good use as a checklist for what can be achieved – or at least attempted – in your bid to close as many sales as possible. Read more