There are plenty of messages out there warning of irresponsible social media use. Many warn of problems a misguided post can cause in everyday life – remember the publicly shared house party invite that attracted hundreds of unwanted guests? There are also plenty of articles out there advising jobseekers to be wary of their social activity when looking for their next career move. Adecco recently reported that one third of ¬†recruiters had rejected a candidate based on the content of their social pages. To make sure you’re not in that 33%, here are some great ideas of what you should post about on social media while job hunting…


Hobbies/ Interests

Do you play for a local sports team, or fancy yourself as a bit of a film buff? Posting about your hobbies and interests is a very positive thing to do. If a recruiter scans your Facebook wall and finds conversations about your 5-a-side game from the weekend, they immediately get to find out a little about you outside of work. It shows you are not all work and no play, and also brings out several good personality traits, such as teamwork skills and a competitive edge.

Industry Commentary

Commenting on developments in your industry is a great way to show that you care about the job you do. If you work in pharmaceutical sales for example, the release of a new drug or treatment (whether you sell it or not) is a newsworthy event and if you have an opinion on it, why not share it? A proven interest in your field is bound to give any employer or recruiter a good feeling about you.


Recently completed a challenge, of any kind? Maybe you entered a bake off for charity, won a Halloween fancy dress contest or ran a 10k obstacle race. While you may think these aren’t serious enough for an employer to care about, they actually reveal some great traits. What employer wouldn’t want someone who is committed, determined and willing to go the extra mile to do the best job they can? Triumphs outside of work show you are that kind of person just as much as work-based achievements do.

Remember, employers check on your social media profiles to verify information on your CV. So, think of social media as a chance to show off some of the personal qualities you highlight in your CV – just out of the context of work!