Just when we think we have got on top of the changes that drive business decision-makers….wham! Another change rears up and bites us where it hurts.

This evolution of buying trends is a blessing and a curse to us as sales consultants.

The curse is illuminated by the continuous shifting of values and objectives by our buyers, meaning it’s very nigh impossible to keep any degree of consistency in our approach to them.

The blessing is highlighted by the fact that it means you can stay ahead of competitors as you evolve new ways to deal with the tidal wave of new requirements that keep your company on its toes in terms of development of new ideas.

The way you decide to approach these evolving needs will determine the end results. B2B buyers will take decisions more readily if they perceive the value of the outcomes as being greater than the value of the status quo.

Risk-taking is still one of those fear-inspiring initiatives that can cause many to resort to homeostasis, or a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant.

People like to maintain some form of consistency as, for many, it is their only form of security. If they can find a business partner who can give them this security, they are more open to trust and allow themselves to be influenced in certain directions.

How can you reduce risks that the evolving buyers need to take?

What can you do to assist them in making the right decisions, that is, and choosing your solution?

Here are four techniques that will help:

  • Develop thought-leadership through relevant marketing assets, blog postings, LinkedIn posts, twitter updates and others. By becoming someone buyers can identify as offering valuable insights into their industry and company, you build trust with prospective customers.
  • Consider the various feelings of risk felt by every individual who is responsible for making decisions and how personal agendas and internal tension can affect decision-making.
  • Create close relationships with buyers to help them look good within their businesses and offer consistent marketing and sales interactions with prospects.
  • Endeavour to establish yourself as a “preferred partner” in your industry by differentiating your product or service and building brand awareness
    By eliminating the inherent risks in making decisions, you automatically increase the element of security that will encourage your potential buyer to choose your solution.

This will add value to your relationship while building the partnership between you for future opportunities.

This was a guest post courtesy of Sean McPheat of MTD Sales Training.

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