Young sales professionals evolve in the workplace faster and more creatively than ever before. This is mostly due to the advances in technology and intelligence available to them. As younger generations are introduced to the world of work, there are a number of things to think about in terms of career progression. We have honed in on our sales team at Simply Sales jobs, and put together 5 essential tips for young sales professionals to consider for their future in sales:


Continued learning

Don’t stop learning. You should always be looking to expand your knowledge if you want to excel in your career. Stay on top of the trends within your industry so you can reflect them as and when. Have you seen any educational opportunities that could benefit your career? Book yourself on to them. Make an effort to learn new skills so you can confidently practice them in future. That way, when an opportunity presents itself, you are prepared to take on a higher level of responsibility.


Find a mentor

It’s never too late to seek advice about your career path. Mentors can help young professionals learn a great deal from their experiences in their very first job. Much of this experience can’t be learned in books either. Later on in your career, you can look for opportunities to pay-it-forward by being a mentor to others who are just starting out in sales.


Have a proactive attitude and strong work ethic

As an inexperienced professional, it’s crucial that you give off the right vibes if you want to be remembered. Put in 100% effort at work and make sure you meet and/or exceed your job responsibilities, and look for ways to contribute more than what is expected. Being proactive will show your network and peers how committed you are to your career. It could even open up more opportunities for you in future.


Find work that you love

Many people choose a job that they are good at – but the reality is, that you could put your skills to much better use. While you’re starting out in your new sales role, take this opportunity to learn more about your industry and the roles that are achievable for you. You could find that you are capable of so much more than what you originally set out to do. Having a passion for a particular role can come in very handy at work, because you love what you’re doing. Find the parts of your job that you love and use them to your advantage.


Take smart risks

Fear can have a big impact on the decisions you make at work. It could also impact on the risks you decide to take in order to advance your career. Pushing through any internal fears and taking (smart) risks that otherwise would stop you from experimenting or putting your reputation on the line is necessary to advance your career. You should always look for ways to improve yourself, which can result in a better work ethic – a very smart risk to take. Do anything that will push you out of your comfort zone, and this will help you improve your career path. You will also see an improvement in your self-confidence too. Remember, no two career paths are identical.


Flexible Working

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