Working in the sales industry, you’ll likely have an understanding of how LinkedIn can help create more business for your company. But are you harnessing this platform to the full extent?

Below, we’ve put together some valuable tips to help you network more effectively with your connections, and be the industry leader everyone wants to hear from. So whether you’re working in recruitment or generating more leads for your organisation, we’re sure that the following will attract more interest than you’re used to.



Tell your network what they want to hear

Be honest. How many times have you seen the same recruitment type post on LinkedIn? They might start with something like this:

“My client is on the lookout for X.” Or “I am looking to recruit X”.

And the engagement rate? Probably 0. Why? Because you’re not speaking to your audience. Telling them what you want doesn’t interest them – because it’s not what they want. If you’re recruiting, or searching for businesses or people to sell to, make it blatantly obvious what’s in it for them.

You can do this by mentioning your target audience’s frustrations, and how your product/service can help them. Give them a scenario they’ve likely experienced before. You’ll gain their attention quicker if you can relate to their concerns.


Be more human, and less robot

Similar to the above point, if every one of your LinkedIn post has that same kind of message to it, your network will very quickly become bored of what you have to say – so be creative, and unique when you are talking to them – include pictures of real people in your post, or set up a quick 60-second video telling them who you’re looking to speak with. Adding a more humane touch to your strategy is sure to turn a few heads.


Build up recommendations from customers/clients

Spending all that time talking about yourself, or your services/products can be exhausting, and sometimes it might fall on deaf ears. But what if your customers/clients were the ones recommending you? Imagine just how powerful that could be.

If you are confident you have delivered a great experience to those you’ve worked with in the past, ask them to recommend you, whether it’s commenting on a post where a company or individual has the frustrations your service solves, or recommending someone to a job you’re currently advertising, for example.

Today, word of mouth, particularly online, can make or break an organisation. Online reviews are heavily relied upon, and as you’ll see on social media, people like to recommend great businesses to anyone in need of a solution. This could be a great driver for your business.


Build trust

Just as you do with anyone you speak to over the phone, building trust and relationships is essential. Connecting with anyone who matches your buyer person, and expecting them to engage with your posts won’t work. You have to give them a reason to speak with you. Avoid clicking the connect button and letting that be that – send over a quick note with your connection request as to why you think you might be able to help them – personalise your approach.  


Join relevant groups

Join groups related to your industry, and get involved in discussions. LinkedIn allows group members to freely message each other, making networking easier than ever.

The more relevant the groups are, the easier it’ll be to find prospects.


Keep your LinkedIn profile updated

If you’re planning on using it regularly, ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date with your contact information, experience etc. Upload a profile picture too, so your connections can see who they’re speaking with. The more up-to-date it is, the easier it’ll be for your network to see how you can help them. If it’s out of date, they might question whether you are the go to person for the job if for example, your work experience stops at 2017.

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