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How Not To Sell – As Seen On BBC’s The Apprentice

We’re only 2 episodes in to the latest series of The Apprentice and already there’s been some excellent examples of how not to sell a product. Here are some of our favourite lessons learned so far…

Using LinkedIn In Your Sales Process

LinkedIn is fantastic resource for any salesperson – whatever your industry. We’ve come up with a few tips on how to make the most of the platform, and to prove why LinkedIn should definitely be part of your sales process…

Stop People from Hanging up on you – Cold Calling

Cold calling is an early stage in the selling process and usually refers to the initial call to a potential customer. Cold calling could also refer to face-to-face interaction aka 'door-to-door' selling. Cold calling is an extremely important stage of the...

Car sales to the super-rich

When your client has money to burn but very particular demands, car sales rely on finely-tuned skills and years of experience. Imagine your ideal client. Plenty in the bank, right? Maybe they're a generous spender too. Very easy to persuade...

Turning The Gatekeeper From Foe To Friend

How often does your enthusiasm for a call slip away once you reach the dreaded "gatekeeper"? MD of MTD Sales Training Sean McPheat explains how you can turn that guardian into one of your best contacts. Many salespeople see the gatekeeper as someone who...

10 reasons you’re the perfect salesperson

Struggling to add the right salesperson skills to your sales CV? Here are 10 of the best for you to choose from.   Top 10 sales skills   1. Your confidence Overlooked by the most confident salespeople because hey, it's just the way you are. Let's...

3 ways to keep your customers loyal

Gaining a customer’s loyalty to your products and services is the Holy Grail in today’s business world. Gaining advocates for your company can prove advantageous for many reasons, including additional profits, easier additional sales and increased word-of-mouth advertising.

Sales Advice: Preventing buyers’ resistance to sales people

What can sales professionals do to at least lower the resistance barriers to making a choice? We may not have caused that resistance ourselves, but we certainly have to face up to it every day. We have to do everything we can to minimise indifference and negative pre-disposition to our sales approach. What can we do to help prospects welcome us rather than resist us?

How to write a standout sales CV

Find out what recruiters are secretly looking for and how you should present your CV.