If you’ve worked in retail, you’ll know that it can be rewarding role. However, you’ll also question humanity at least twice a day. You’ll ask yourself on a regular basis ‘how can anyone be so stupid?’…

Dealing with rude customers, working for minimum wage and fighting crime is just your average day in retail. I take a look back at some of the things I encountered, genuinely;

Fighting Crime

Ok, of course you’re supposed to prevent any thefts happening in the store, but how are you supposed to tackle a 6ft 5 drug addict wielding a knife because he’s just stolen a pack of rewritable CD’s. In cases like this you’ve really got to look at the bigger picture and do all that you can to get those CD’s back. *sarcasm intended*

crime fighting

Telling a Customer their Card has been declined

Talk about an awkward situation. You end up putting on a brave face discussing how temperamental the card machines are in the store…


Customers Making Mess

Yeah, no problem I’ll just spend half of my day making this POS display look attractive so that you can come in and destroy it in a couple of seconds.


Rude Customers

Ever heard of the saying ‘the customer is always right?’, well most of the time they aren’t and it’s pretty hard refraining from telling them that. At the end of the day though, they’re paying your wages so who cares if they are due that free pack of stickers with their newspaper?!


Chatting to the Elderly

Sure, I love a good chat as much as the next person but when you’ve got a line of pensioners queuing up in front of you, you know that it’s going to be a long drawn out affair. Do they realise that staff are there to serve as many people as possible in as short a time period as possible? Let me also note that if I could, I’d much rather chat to an old bloke about current affairs than serve businessmen with headphones in, however, if I don’t want the manager on my back then this isn’t possible.

chatting to elderly

The Fake Laugh & Smile

The majority of customers know the score, you go into a store to purchase an item, no problem. However, why do some customers decide that they must tell at least 2 jokes per transactions, mostly unfunny. This is something I’ll never understand.

jim carrey fake smile

People Paying in Coppers

Comical but at the same time, time consuming and awkward. You need to be fully focused on the counting task ahead or this could backfire. Did you count that last pound out properly? Oh wait, better start fro the beginning again!

small change

You agree to cover a friends shift and immediately regret the decision?

The worst part about this is that the person you’ve covering for most certainly wouldn’t return the favour.


Customers coming through the door at 16:59 when closing is at 17:00

99% of the time these are the customers who decide to do a full shop, browsing for what seems like an infinite amount of time.

customer arrives late

Retail Changed Your Life

Working in retail is certainly an eye opener. However, if you get the opportunity to do it then I’d say it’s something you’ve got to do!

life changing


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