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The go-to blog for recruiters and jobseekers in sales

Sales News

The go-to blog for recruiters and jobseekers in sales

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Group interviews for sales jobs: What to expect

Group interviews are used by large employers who are aiming to fill multiple vacancies. They are frequently used by sales firms when selecting a new intake of trainee sales executives, graduate recruits and telesales professionals, for example.

Why not tackling poor performance can damage your team

Richard Palmer from Suretrain provides more advice on why sticking with the sales team to avoid rocking the boat, or taking the time to recruit new talent could be detrimental to your business strategy.They are good people! I can’t afford to replace them!...

Should sales training be part of your recruitment strategy?

Looking to recruit a new sales team? Well, why should a target candidate work for you? Do you pay generously?Do you have an interesting product to sell?Do you have a great company feel/culture that employees live for? Even if it's all of the above, it...

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What are you looking for?

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Register now for the Sales & Marketing Job Fair

On November 7th, we’ll be hosting the Sales & Marketing Job Fair – a virtual job fair for the entire sales and marketing industry. You will be connected with genuine career opportunities from all over the UK & Europe, right from the comfort of your own home. 

A virtual event offers all the benefits of a physical event, but without the cost, time and travel implications – all you need is internet access, and a computer, mobile or tablet! 

Register for the event now by visiting here

7th November 2019, 9am – 5pm (GMT)

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