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Why not tackling poor performance can damage your team

Richard Palmer from Suretrain provides more advice on why sticking with the sales team to avoid rocking the boat, or taking the time to recruit new talent could be detrimental to your business strategy.They are good people! I can’t afford to replace them!...

Should sales training be part of your recruitment strategy?

Looking to recruit a new sales team? Well, why should a target candidate work for you? Do you pay generously?Do you have an interesting product to sell?Do you have a great company feel/culture that employees live for? Even if it's all of the above, it...

Attract top talent with a renewed recruitment strategy

Recruiting for top talent in the sales industry is tedious and stressful - with so much competition out there for quality candidates, recruiting can take up a large portion of your day - and cost you a lot of money if not done correctly.Are you ready to...

Why training your sales team is essential

Salesforce Training reported that over 50% of sales managers are too busy to train their sales teams.A sales team that is always learning is a team that doesn't become stagnant - particularly if you have more experienced members who are at risk of falling...

Simply Sales Jobs launches first annual jobseeker report

Simply Sales Jobs is proud to reveal that we have launched our first ever annual report for 2018! The report covers data collected around jobseekers in the sales industry from our website in 2017-18, and was created to guide hiring managers with their...

Introducing The NORA Finalists 2014

The NORAs are the National Online Recruitment Awards, and they have been celebrating achievement in online recruitment since 2001. Every year, NORA invite jobseekers to nominate their favourite companies in the recruitment industry for the prestigious awards.

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