Talent searching is arguably the most important process throughout the recruiting lifecycle – it all starts with finding the right person. 

But whittling down a shortlist of candidates is tough if you don’t have the right, or most intelligent system – a lot of recruiters turn to Boolean search.

Boolean search in recruitment is the act of leveraging large databases, like your CRM, LinkedIn, or for Google to perform specific searches in order to find relevant candidates quickly. In fact, as a recruiter, you’re probably using it every day at the moment. 

By using Boolean, recruiters can refine their search results in a number of ways which allow them to find a range of active and passive candidates for open vacancies.

However, Boolean search in recruitment is not a modern concept. And while we have no doubt its use is advantageous to the recruitment industry, our new and advanced system for searching is a step into the future. Let’s take a closer look…


CV Discovery tool

On Simply Sales Jobs, we have an advanced, intelligent search system for recruiters to search for candidates. Our CV Discovery tool creates intelligent returns, and works like an advanced search engine. It can generate similar terms, as well as exact terms, which not only helps you to find CVs, it discovers more options for you.


How does the CV Discovery tool compare to Boolean?


Boolean search

When you search via Boolean, you’re limited to exact match searches with regards to particular keywords – so if you have the wrong word, spelling mistakes or job title, for example, you’ll probably find that your search returns 0 results. This is incredibly frustrating for recruiters who are short of time. Boolean is limited to your imagination.


There is a range of complex search strings and operators that you can use to filter out the most relevant candidates:

  • AND – for example, sales AND manager. This will retrieve any CVs containing the keywords sales AND manager.
  • OR – for example, sales OR manager. This will retrieve any CVs containing the keywords sales OR manager.
  • NOT – for example, sales not assistant. This will retrieve CVs containing the keyword Sales, but NOT assistant.
  • Speech marks – for example, “Sales Assistant”. This will retrieve any CVs containing the key phrase Sales Assistant. If you don’t use speech marks, your search will return CVs from candidates who have included these words separately.
  • Brackets – for example, admin AND (“customer service” or sales). This will retrieve CVs that contain admin and one of the keywords used in the brackets.


For more complicated Boolean search strings, you could use a combination of the Boolean commands mentioned above.


CV Discovery tool

With our CV Discovery tool, you don’t need the exact match terms, and it has the technology to return smarter, and similar terms to ensure you’re seeing every result relevant to you. And the more you use it, the more intelligently the system works for you. This piece of kit is not limited to your imagination…

Working like an advanced search engine, you’ll very rarely see our advanced system returning 0 results, because it uses predictable search and match, as opposed to an exact search. With our CV Discovery tool, you can get more results, more relevance, and it makes for a better hunt – helping you find that candidates that may not even be on your radar!


Here are just some of the ways it can work to your advantage:

  • Save time recruiting: A smarter search means less effort on your part – you just need to know what you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest! Our advanced search CV section can help you get really specific with your search, too.
  • Get better results: A more predictable search as opposed to an exact search allows you to find more relevant and quality results.
  • Find candidates you didn’t know about: Our smarter search system allows you to find more candidates you didn’t know about, expanding your talent pool beyond your expectations 


With CV Discovery, you get:

  • A search tool that does the hard work for you
  • A search tool so intelligent it adapts and improves the more it’s used
  • A search tool that adds similar and predictive search terms to help you search in future
  • Example, searching “Supercar” in Boolean will not bring back anyone with ‘Super Car’ or ‘Supercars’ – the CV Discovery tool will identify those keywords within a CV and suggest that CV to you in its search results
  • It forgives mistakes (it can find out what you are looking for)
  • It can be easily used without training
  • It’s not limited to your imagination
  • It’ll help you discover more options relevant enough to your search



In summary, if you’re looking for a smarter tool where you can perfect your search, using our advanced tool might be the answer you’ve been looking for to ensure you find the right people for your roles.

We have a special offer to anyone looking to keep on top of their hiring strategy throughout the pandemic. To make use of the offer below, simply get in touch with us today! 


Want to give it a try? Search thousands of CVs on our database now!

Or give us a call on: 01772 937770

Email us at: recruiting@simplysalesjobs.co.uk


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