A recent study conducted by global skills development company Huthwaite International found that a massive 85% of individuals believe that they should be listened to carefully by sales professionals.

The study found that clients felt that their contact did not understand their specific requirements and needs were not met.

39% of those surveyed said that they were paid adequate attention the last time they made a substantial purchase.

61% of those investigated believe polite enquiry is an essential part of the purchasing process – as they feel more confident that the individual can deliver. However, only 25% said that they believe they had been asked enough questions before making a significant purchase.

The old fashioned notion of a sales heavy phone call still appears to be quite common. Chief Executive at Huthwaite International Tony Hughes, explains: “Sellers must take care not to get caught up in the excitement of talking about the bells and whistles their product or service may have – which, if irrelevant, will be ignored at best and at worst will irritate a potential buyer, lose a potential sale and have a negative impact on the brand and the bottom line.”

Speaking about a salesperson’s attitude, Tony said: It seems salespeople are getting a ‘could do better’ score on their report card from buyers. If salespeople aren’t listening, it usually means they’re talking. There’s a real danger in this because it means a missed opportunity to discover how they could help the customer.”

The overall outcome would appear to be that listening is key for salespeople. Falling short of customer expectations and failing to measure up to requirements could be down to the fact that they are not connecting with the customer to find out what they really need.


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