Cold calling is an early stage in the selling process and usually refers to the initial call to a potential customer. Cold calling could also refer to face-to-face interaction aka ‘door-to-door’ selling.

Cold calling is an extremely important stage of the selling process, helping build up communications outside of sales activities and selling function.

If cold calling is done properly it can be a fundamental part of any sales teams strategy. It is suggested that all successful entrepreneurs possess this ability.

Here’s the Simply Sales Job’s guide to a successful cold call:


1. Preparation

Ensure you know what you’re selling, are they fit for purpose? Would you buy the product if you were in their position? If not, then you’ve got to question whether you’re selling the right product.

Cold calling should be strategic and empowering. Don’t treat the process as a numbers game! Your working environment can play an integral part in the call as can your attitude and mood. Ensure that you are working in a positive environment. Remember, even something as little as standing up instead of sitting down can play a big part in how you sound on the phone.

Understand your business. Inform yourself and become an expert!


2. Introduction

Be clear and concise about who you are and what the purpose of the call is. Base your opening proposition on your more detailed product offering whilst still keeping it concise and strategic, don’t go into too much detail.


3. Questioning

Ask questions which will help the other person understand the situation more clearly, open questions are great as they make the other person consider such issues.


4. Objectivity

Remember to remain fair and neutral. Sure, you’re trying to sell your products but did you know that the more you criticize other competitors the less likely you are to make a sale. I guess this is a way of saying, people don’t want to be sold, they want to be guided by an expert in a particular field.


5. Listen

Listening to the customers needs can be the most important part of a cold call. It’s far more important to listen to what the customer has to say than to be a one-sided uninterested sales person.


6. Inform and Educate

Remember, you are the expert in your field, if you aren’t then you’re wasting both your time and the potential customer. It’s not a race, you need to establish a relationship between yourself and client to see what you can do for them and what they might need.


7. Involve

Ask the client how they might be interested in moving forward. You are the bridge, the interpreter and the enabler. Aspire to be this person and the client should value you on a much greater level.


8. Keep in Touch

You set up this relationship so the ball is in your court to keep it alive. Take full notes throughout the call and log them to ensure you don’t miss anything out when following up further down the line.


So there you have it, the Simply Sales Jobs golden guide to cold calls. If you’re looking to work in sales and like the idea of cold calling then why not apply for a sales job here.

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