Working in telesales will involve being based in a call centre, answering phone calls and making phone calls, ‘cold calling’ or speaking to established clients with the aim of driving sales of a product or service. 


Working in telesales

The following job requirements would typically be what we expect to see from a sales executive working in telesales.

  • Making and receiving phone calls regarding services/product
  • General day-to-day sales administration e.. updating client records, call records
  • Account management
  • Responding to enquiries and problems
  • Tracking sales results
  • Working towards targets set out by sales manager
  • Facilitate future sales
  • Identify prospective business



What skills do I need to work in telesales?

The following skills would benefit anyone working in telesales:

  • Confidence
  • Problem solving
  • Creative flair
  • Target-oriented
  • Account management
  • Communication skills
  • Motivated



What education do I need to work in telesales?

Few qualifications are needed to secure a job in telesales. Having the right kind of personality and drive are considered far more important than academic achievement by telesales companies.

If you can prove you have the flair to secure sales over the telephone, you’ll be highly sought after in the world of telesales. Some training may be provided by the company offering the role.



What career progression could I see in telesales?

As with any sales department, you will typically progress from a sales assistant/sales executive role towards being an account manager or team leader. After considerable experience you will likely be considered for a sales manager role, which, if applicable, could progress to a regional manager or area sales manager role, and potentially a sales director role if you have the relevant experience and track record.



What could I earn working in telesales?

According to 2019 Simply Sales Jobs data, the average salary for telesales roles is £29,744.66. 

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