What makes a successful salesperson? These four simple habits could help you be just that…

Be A Time Lord

No TARDIS necessary. There are plenty of ways you waste time on a daily basis. Be honest, how many times have you spent ages researching a cold lead, planning what you’ll say, only to make the call and the person not be in the office that day. Great salespeople plan their time efficiently, doing exactly what they need to do, only when they need to do it.


Pick Your Priorities

This leads on from the above point, as it helps you know what you need to be focusing on, and what can wait for the time being. Take five minutes at the end of each day to assess what you have achieved, and it will help highlight what your priorities need to be tomorrow. By planning it the day before, you can arrive in the office and get straight on with it. No faffing!


Say It, Do It

Successful people don’t make empty promises – if they say they’ll do something, they make sure it gets done. So, their customers stay happy (and loyal), and any minor issues are caught and resolved early so they can’t turn into bigger problems.


Share The Love

We all love getting a little recognition and a pat on the back when we do a good job. So make sure you’re the one giving the praise now and then too! If you can lend a hand to your colleagues, and be the first to congratulate them on an achievement, you can bet they’ll be the first to return the thanks.


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