It’s no surprise that modern technology has evolved massively over the past few years – not only in the business industry. With the evolution of webcams within the sales industry, sales are increasing through this feature. 

Is your company still sat waiting by the phone? Here are just a few suggestions that might make you rethink moving over to the digital world through web cam calls:


An impressive option to clients

As many businesses are now looking to evolve in to the digital era, a company selling to it should also look to pioneer those skills. A simply web call is more impressive than you think to a client, and it makes for a valued experience when they can still meet with you at a distance. Nothing can ever replace old fashioned sales skills, but you would certainly be adding to your client’s experience with a web cam call as opposed to a less personalised phone call. Embrace technology and use it to your advantage.


Improved communication

Communication between two people is vastly improved in person – but even if you’re not physically in front of your client, seeing them is still a massive advantage. Being able to see your client means you can better understand their body language, which also enables us to better understand certain meanings during the conversation, which isn’t always possible via phone calls. Web cam calls aren’t much different to a face to face meeting with your customer, so they can still help to build and recognise visual cues. They can also provide us with the ability to read the customer and communicate more effectively. It may be daunting at first, but just think of it as a face to face meeting.


It gives your clients options

A few years ago, you may have asked your client “Do you want to talk over the phone?”. Today, you have another option that your client might just prefer. The evolution of technology means it’s just as easy to connect via a web call as it is to pick up the phone. Having that extra option to provide to your client allows them to identify a preference, therefore further personalising your pitch to their needs. If you’re not 100% comfortable pitching via web cam call, ask your manager to train you up so that you aren’t worrying about any other factors during your virtual meeting. It may not be your preferred method, but if a web cam experience is what they like, it could just win you extra business.


Making the most of your time

Before webcams were popular within the business industry, people would have to travel long distances to have a face to face meeting with their clients in order reach their targets. Today, web cam calls offer a personal, yet more efficient approach to this method. Whether you choose to use a web cam meeting as your first initial contact, or further down the line to maintain a relationship with your client, this method can prove much more cost effective to your organisation, and allow you to squeeze in more meetings in one working day. 

Think about it! Removing the hassle of travelling every time you have a meeting with your client means you can avoid extra cost, and any external issues occurring e.g. trains delayed or flights cancelled. It really could help enhance your productivity.


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