For those who are looking for a job in the sales industry, there are ample opportunities available out there. However, not every company has the best of intentions when it comes to their employees. They may treat their sales team as nothing more than numbers, rather than trusted employees that are working for them. This all relates to the employee happiness in the company. So, how can you be certain that you are choosing the right company to work with? How do you know what is going to make you happy in the sales position you seek? These are all wonderful questions to consider while seeking a sales job.


What makes employees happy in sales

For those who work in sales, there are often certain things that they want in order to feel happy in their position. Here are a few aspects to consider when looking at a sales position:

  1. Employees want to be acknowledged if they are doing well; 
  2. Employees do not want to be chastised if they are not doing as well during one quarter;
  3. Incentives must be in place to motivate sales professionals if you want them to perform consistently. Incentives can be something such as a percentage of what the sale is, a bonus for meeting a goal that is set, or the like. In most cases, sales people expect a commission based incentive;
  4. The job may be in sales, but it can be sales all the time. Just like others in the office they will want time to get to know your colleagues and feel as though they are working in a team. Making time for your team to socialise is key to a more coherent collection of individuals; 
  5. There has to be some sort of retirement plan in place, whether this is a 401k or something that is similar. People want to have something that they can show for the time that they put into a business;
  6. The working conditions need to be something that people are happy to be in. Whether that’s an office or a nice company vehicle with perks like car detailing if using for work; 
  7. Let there be some time for fun. Employees want times in which they can have fun, for example, a Halloween party during October, a Christmas party during December, or even a longer lunch on Friday to welcome the weekend. This also helps build a tight team, as previously mentioned.



Is this position for you?

Now that you have applied to numerous sales positions and are getting interviews, perhaps even getting offers, how do you know which position is the right one to choose?

This is a great question, and it really boils down to the company itself. Are you invested in the product or service that you are selling? Are they a company that you can picture yourself with for the long run? Do they seem to have an idea of what it takes to keep employees happy and employed with them? 

For example, what type of employee communication software do they use? Do employees seem to be happy and recommend working there? Does the company have good reviews online? These are just a few of the things to look at before deciding whether a company is the right choice for you. 

Talk to other employees of the company and do your research before making a decision. While visiting the company notice the way everyone is interacting. Also, be sure to ask about certain incentives that are known for keeping sales people happy in the workforce and listen carefully to the representative’s response. 


Is it possible to be happy in sales? 

For many businesses in the sales industry, particularly, those who work in retail, they often think that happiness is not something that can be found. Why is this? Sales personnel are dealing with customers on a daily basis. Customers who are agitated can be hard to deal with. And this stress can transfer to the salesperson, even if they are only doing their job, customers can take whatever is happening as a personal slight against them. 

Sales can be similar to customer service in that both positions are dealing with people. Sometimes harsh words may be spoken, tempers may flare, but once it’s resolved, you have to prepare to deal with the next customer. The good news is that happiness is possible for businesses to give to employees, despite what may happen with a client. The key for employees is to find a business that truly believes the adage that happy employees will lead to better revenue, which has been proven time and time again.  


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