We all have a fair idea of where we want our career to go in the near/late future. Most of us will spend many years working to achieve this.

It’s easy to set goals, but difficult to achieve them. The easiest option is to give up on those goals once you reach financial stability.

By growing comfortable in your career, you could actually be sabotaging your future. Even if you don’t achieve your goals straight away, you should still find ways to work towards them, before you end up stagnating in your role and looking for another sales role.

Below, we’ve listed 3 major points you should consider if you want to stick to your career goals in 2019.


Set realistic goals

Are you setting yourself unachievable goals? If you’re new to your current sales role, and you’re benchmarking yourself against the top salesman in the company, you’re probably going to fall by the wayside, and become demotivated in your job. Growing more revenue for the company is seen as a competition for many sales people. We’re not saying this shouldn’t be your drive, but you should be challenging yourself first, instead of setting yourself up for a fall.

Been tasked with growing more candidates in a particular area? Look to increase whatever numbers you have currently each month. Set a realistic goal that is achievable each month with hard work, and in a few months’ time, you will be able to see the progression made.


Pair goals with actions

Many people who set goals will decide on something that they want to have achieved within a certain time period and then just keep doing what they are doing.

This can work out if your goals centre around moving up through an industry, but it also doesn’t give you anything to individually focus on.

Rather than picturing where you want to be, figure out what actions you need to take to get to the right place.

Assign yourself relevant tasks that work towards your goal, and then you can work on the skills that you will need once you get into that position.


Choose measurable goals

You should be setting goals where you can track progress to see how well you are working towards them. The best way to do this is to set up a time frame in which you want to achieve your goal. By looking ahead, you can pinpoint where you want to be in a years’ time, or 5 years’ time. This will provide you with stepping stones towards your goals.

By measuring your own progress, you can then improve it. If you’ve set a goal with a week-long time frame, once that week is over, you can look back and see how you did.

If you enjoy your job, getting better at it should be easy. There will be times where you come across certain skills that you lack, or parts of the job that you don’t enjoy. By setting goals to achieve new skills or completing tasks, you set yourself up to achieve.

So if you set yourself any New Year’s resolutions, let it be that you’ll commit to achieving your career goals, whatever they may be.

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