A sales director is responsible for achieving and exceeding sales targets within assigned territory and accounts. The overall goal is to meet revenue growth projects for a business. The job includes developing strong client relationships and understanding customer trends in the relevant area. 


What does a sales director do?

The main job responsibilities for a sales director include:

  • Managing and overseeing senior management and their teams with regards to sales strategies and growth objectives
  • Achieving sales targets
  • Developing and executing strategical plans to achieve desired growth and expand customer base
  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting customer relationships, likely with business owners at this level
  • Reporting on forces that shift tactical budgets and strategic direction of accounts
  • Effectively communicate the vision and direction of the organisation to all relevant staff through proposals and presentations


What skills are needed to be a successful sales director?

To become a successful sales director, you’ll ideally have built up the following skills from your years of experience working in sales:

  • Excellent persuasive and negotiation skills
  • Excellent understanding of how to run a business
  • Be a key motivator and leader
  • Initiative, drive and enthusiasm
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organisational and planning skills
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Good IT, budget and report writing skills
  • A full driving licence

What qualifications do I need to become a sales director?

Although most individuals at this level have a degree, if you have years of experience in sales, a proven track record of success in building revenue and growth, and can display excellent leadership skills, becoming a sales director is achievable. Other qualifications might include:

  • BA/BS degree or equivalent
  • Proven sales executive, manager or sales and marketing director experience
  • Proven ability to communicate, present and influence all levels of the organisation including executive and C-level
  • Proven ability to drive a sales process from plan to close
  • Proven ability to articulate distinct aspects of products and services
  • Proven ability to position products against competitors
  • Experience as head of sales, developing client-focused, differentiated and achievable solutions 
  • Professional certifications in Strategic Sales, Account Management and Sales Management


Is a sales director role the right move for me?

If the below sounds like you, a career as a sales director could be for you:

  • Managing stress
  • Good people skills
  • Committed to continuous development attending professional workshops, industry events, certification courses, and reviewing professional publications
  • Expert in your industry
  • You love working with numbers
  • You enjoy negotiating and can do it well
  • You are a good mentor and coach to others
  • You have the ability to effectively and proactively assess and discipline employees when they fail 
  • You enjoy travelling a lot for work

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What are the working conditions for a sales director?

As a director, you will likely be in and out of the office attending events, travelling to meet with clients, and visiting other branches/companies within your district. So if you enjoy not being tied to your desk and having lots of face time with people, then working as a sales director could suit you well.

What is the average salary for a sales director?

According to our most recent data in 2018, the average salary for a sales director was £69,259.95. This figure showed a 3.68% increase from the data collected from the Simply Sales Jobs site in 2017. 


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