Cover letters will be required when applying for a new job, which you would send along with your CV. While many people think your CV is the most important written part of your application, a cover letter is equally, if not more essential. Your CV should compliment the cover letter, which is why we recommend writing your cover letter first.

A cover letter should be a clear and concise piece of writing outlining your skills as a sales executive and ability to do the job – so it must be relevant. Creating your cover letter like this will also help you to develop the bullet points in your CV, ensuring it is all related to the job you are applying for. Ensuring this correlation means you don’t have to provide as much information in your CV – but this means your cover letter is responsible for explaining all of the points made in your CV. It might also include your specific reasons for applying to the company in question.   

Writing a cover letter for a sales executive can be tricky though – you have to present a case for why you are the right person for the job, while also showcasing your skills and experience in just a couple of paragraphs. Likely you are more than capable selling yourself and a company on the phone or in person, but when it comes to putting your skill and level of experience down on a piece of paper, you might find this task more frustrating.

We’ve put together this blog, to help you create an effective cover letter. So if you’re searching for your dream job as a sales executive, use the below as your foundation to build a more specific cover letter related to your role.


Cover letter example

Craig Thomas

93 Antonio Street,


M1 1BU

Email address:

Phone number: 0774 475 234


To: Mr Aaron Hill

HotelnStay Solutions




15th April 2019


RE: Sales Executive position (Ref. Code 273654), advertised on


Dear Mr Hill,


I have read your job description and feel that my qualifications and level of experience match your needs. I am very interested in this Manchester based role.


As a sales executive with 3+ years experience in the hospitality industry, I believe that my extensive knowledge of the industry, combined with my communication skills are exceptional, and my practical experience speaking with clients about their needs has afforded me a well-rounded skill set. My communication and interpersonal skills are second-to-none.


I specialise in:

  • Sourcing new candidates;
  • Liaising with clients;
  • Marketing emails and social media lead generation;
  • Communicating via telephone, email and in person;
  • Converting sales leads into customers.


My personal qualities I believe, will allow me to shine in this role. These include:

  • Enthusiastic;
  • Self motivated;
  • Hungry for success;
  • Attentive;
  • Diligent;
  • Analytical;
  • Independent;
  • Team worker.


In addition to the above, I have a solid educational background, and carry a great passion in delivering a great service. I find your organisation’s focus on quality intriguing, and would greatly welcome the opportunity to contribute to your company needs and goals.


Please see attached my CV, which includes additional details regarding my level of experience, quality of work and career achievements.


Thank you for considering my application.




Mr Craig Thomas

Here are a few extra tips to help with your cover letter too:

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